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Our Keystone Champions
 The Keystone competition is a grueling, mult-week grand prix style soap box derby racing competition where drivers earn Keystone Points based on their finishes at rallies held at various race cities in the Keystone Circuit. At the end of the Keystone season, a driver in each car division who has accumulated the most Keystone Points, is declared the Keystone Champion for that division. In addition to worksmanship and skill, consistency, focus and perseverance are just some of the qualities required to finish in the top positions of this competition. Listed below are the drivers who can forever call themselves Keystone Champions: 
2013 Masters Peyton Strand 
2013 Stock Vincent Orler 
2013 Super Stock Brian Carpenter 
2012 Masters Brian CarpenterDisplay Champ Picture
2012 Stock Amber KulesaDisplay Champ Picture
2012 Super Stock Meredith MillerDisplay Champ Picture
2011 Masters Peyton StrandDisplay Champ Picture
2011 Stock AJ EckerDisplay Champ Picture
2011 Super Stock Nick RicciuttiDisplay Champ Picture
2010 Masters Linda StevensonDisplay Champ Picture
2010 Stock Paige FleckDisplay Champ Picture
2010 Super Stock Michelle StrandDisplay Champ Picture
2009 Masters Linda StevensonDisplay Champ Picture
2009 Stock Lauren BurkertDisplay Champ Picture
2009 Super Stock Brian CarpenterDisplay Champ Picture
2008 Masters Brooke FinkbeinerDisplay Champ Picture
2008 Stock Tyler FleckDisplay Champ Picture
2008 Super Stock Nichole KreigerDisplay Champ Picture
2007 Masters Brooke FinkbeinerDisplay Champ Picture
2007 Stock Allyson Pike 
2007 Super Stock Nichole Kreiger 
2006 Masters Kacie Rader 
2006 Stock Josh Phillips 
2006 Super Stock Doug Vogel 
2005 Masters Kacie Rader 
2005 Stock Evie Rentzel 
2005 Super Stock Gregg Royer 
2004 Masters Joshua Garloff 
2004 Stock Tyler Silfies 
2004 Super Stock Brooke Finkbeiner 
2003 Masters Austin Benner 
2003 Stock Andrew Rentzel 
2003 Super Stock Joshua Garloff 
2002 Masters Tara Tomasello 
2002 Stock Andrew Rentzel 
2002 Super Stock James Kehr 
2001 Masters Ryan HarriganDisplay Champ Picture
2001 Stock Austin BennerDisplay Champ Picture
2001 Super Stock Brent FinkbeinerDisplay Champ Picture
2000 Masters Ryan DonovanDisplay Champ Picture
2000 Seniors Matt Isherwood 
2000 Stock Courtney DonovanDisplay Champ Picture
2000 Super Stock Brent FinkbeinerDisplay Champ Picture
1999 Masters Matt Isherwood 
1999 Stock Brent Finkbeiner 
1999 Super Stock Travis Miller 
1998 Masters Colby Schafner 
1998 Stock Ryan Donovan 
1998 Super Stock Joe Tomasello 
1997 Masters George Weissgerber 
1997 Stock Diana Tomasello 
1997 Super Stock Jeff Hashagen 
1996 Masters George Weissgerber 
1996 Stock Tara Tomasello 
1996 Super Stock Jeff Hashagen 
1995 Masters Anthony Jenks 
1995 Stock Suzanne Atwill 
1995 Super Stock Jeff Hashagen 
1994 Junior Joe Loschiavo 
1994 Senior Tom Weaver III 
1994 Stock Drew Wetzel 
1993 Junior Kristen Donovan 
1993 Senior Billy Senft 
1993 Stock Bobby Schuller 
1992 Junior Vanessa Racich 
1992 Senior Jaclyn Messersmith 
1992 Stock Ryan Brown 
1991 Junior Jeff Rayle 
1991 Senior Jaclyn Messersmith 
1990 Junior Mark Whitley 
1990 Senior Darron Billet 
1989 Junior Kevin Fuller 
1989 Senior Lehigh Achey 
1988 Junior Alissa Fischer 
1988 Senior David Seitzinger 
1987 Junior Alissa Fischer 
1987 Senior Matt Behrendt 
1986 Advanced Seniors Darren Lenox 
1986 Junior Ben Cassel 
1986 Senior Eric Wetzel 
1985 Junior Darren Lenox 
1985 Junior Greg Gibbon 
1985 Senior Dawn Fischer 
1984 Junior Eric Wetzel 
1984 Junior Lori Phillips 
1984 Senior Chad Phillips 
1983 Junior Chad Phillips 
1983 Senior Matt Wolfgang 
1982 Junior Ricky Walker 
1982 Senior Dawn Fischer 
1981 Junior Chad Phillips 
1981 Senior Anne Louise Rodenbaugh 
1980 Junior Matt Wolfgang 
1980 Senior Jeff Madison 
1979 Junior Mark Sheffer 
1979 Senior Matt Wolfgang 
1978 Junior Alan Straiton 
1978 Senior Jeanine Myers 
1977 Junior Donna Manderacchi 
1977 Senior Becky Walters 
1976 Junior Beth Ann Sullivan 
1976 Junior Tim Brown 
1976 Senior Jeff Evans