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Become a Keystone Race City
The Keystone season typically starts in August and ends in October with races being held every weekend in different towns. Our Keystone Race Cities cooperate with one another to provide a standard format for our participants. This cooperation has been and continues to be the 'Keystone' of our success and longevity.  
If you are interested in becoming a Keystone race city there are few requirements that must be met.
  • Communicate your interest to the Keystone Executive Board
  • Agree to run your rally in accordance with both the Keystone Competition Rules and the Keystone Rally Rules
  • Present your request at any general meeting. Note, race cities will not be added during the Keystone season and a two week prior notice to our members is required before an official vote can be conducted
  • Recieve a simple majority of votes from all voting members at the general meeting in favor of adding your race city