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On October 13, 2013, the Keystone Rally Association held its last rally in Souderton, PA. The organization, which held its first rally on October 28, 1976 in Emmaus, PA, was an integral force behind shaping today's soap box derby rally racing circuit. The organization was the first in the nation to offer a grand prix style of soap box derby racing where participants competed at various locations throughout the late summer and early fall earning 'Keystone points' for their placement at these rallies. This competition fostered some of the most creative innovations in the sport and produced some of the best soap box derby drivers of all time. Sadly, due to a variety of reasons that affect other organizations, participation dwindled over the years to the point where it was no longer viable for the host cities to sponsor rallies. So after 38 years, hundreds of races and thousands of excited drivers, families and observers, the Keystone Rally Association has been placed in hybernation waiting for a future a generation to wake it up and hopefully restore it to its former glory.
Until then please enjoy the site. It represents a time capsule of good times and fond memories. A place to visit to remember days gone by when life was simpler, problems were smaller and we were all younger. Looking back now can you still remember waiting in the ramp for the paddle to drop, nervously waiting to hear the result, winning your first race or even your first heat, quietly praying that your driver just makes it down the hill safely, sitting for what seemed to be an eternity in racing position while adjustments were being made to your car or laughing and talking too loudly at a restaurant with other families after a long day of racing. Those are just some of the things that made Keystone so great...
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